Solar Panels on the Palouse Community Center

Mike Carlton Memorial Solar Panels

Dear Friends of Mike Carlton,

It has been two years since Mike Carlton passed away, but the Mike Carlton Memorial Solar Panels are now producing energy! I believe Mike is up there grinning and proud of our tribute to his life and his inspiration to us all.

The ten solar panels on the Palouse Community Center roof will save an estimated $800 in energy costs per year. Information about the daily, monthly, or yearly solar panel energy production and energy savings can be seen at:

A Big Thank You goes to everyone for their contributions without which this project would have been impossible.

The So Happy Its Tuesday renewable energy group donated about $6,000 and an additional 35 individuals donated $3,700.

Washington companies and Washington State University also stepped forward!  The Avista Foundation gave $2500, Tri-State donated $200 for supplies, and Pullman Heating and Electric donated nearly $900 in installation labor. WSU students, through the Center for Civic Engagement and the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, helped the So Happy Its Tuesday group get the solar panels on the roof for installation. A special thank you goes to Dave Tharp for coordinating all roof activities with the building’s contractors.

Mike’s initial goal had been to use the excess wind energy produced at his home to help the Palouse Community Center. His legacy is now solar power.

A Memorial Plaque thanking all donors is on the wall below the solar panel production meter. There is also a granite block memorializing this effort on the sidewalk outside the Palouse Community Center. Please stop by and see your donation at work.

Thank you Mike Carlton for all you did for us.  We miss you.


Sharon Tharp